Tax Solutions for Online Merchants

Income and sales taxes for Amazon Sellers and online merchants

We are a little different: In addition to tax planning and preparation, we operate our own online stores and sell on channels like Amazon and Walmart. This give us the real world experience to offer solutions that are practical when applied to real world situations. Here are some issues that we can help with:

Bookkeeping, Returns and Inventory Sync

Moving sales data into bookkeeping software is especially complicated. Fortunately, several new services are available that will help in this area. Quickbooks and Xero are excellent solutions, although other options exist for unique situations. The service we select will depend on the marketplaces you select. We will recommend the right package for your situation and set it up for you.

Sales Taxes

New changes regarding collection of sales taxes across state lines are now in place. Amazon has taken to collection sales tax for many states on behalf of the merchant, however you may still have an obligation to report on other sales you make to customers in other states. Also, your sales totals may reach thresholds that trigger reporting. We can look at your numbers and advise on sales tax requirements you may have to comply with.

Income Taxes

Many sellers start as a sole proprietorship or move on to S-Corps as they grow. However you are organized, we can prepare your business and personal income taxes. We know this business model and know the right questions to ask to ensure you don't overpay.