Tax Preparation by Strel Tax Services

Kevin Strel brings together a unique combination of experience as a tax professional and a background as a retail business owner. This set of skills brings a real world, practical approach to individual and small business tax management.

Enrolled Agent

Kevin Strel is an Enrolled Agent, admitted to represent clients before the IRS. Member NATP and NSTP. More information about Enrolled Agents can be found here.

Tax Preparation Services

  • Individual and Family Taxes – Throughout the year, we stay current with the latest changes and developments in tax law. This includes the latest credits and adjustments dues to the pandemic stimulus packages.
  • Business Taxes – Sole proprietorship (Schedule C), S-Corporation and Partnership returns for your small and mid-sized business. We are also prepare corporate, sales, B&O and excise tax returns for several states aside from our home state, Washington.
  • Rental Income – We professionally prepare tax returns for normal and AirBNB / VRBO rentals. We have extensive experience with rental taxation.
  • Trusts and Estates - Trusts and Estates are taxed in the highest tax bracket, so correct tax preparation and distribution of income is very important.
  • Non-Profit Tax Returns – 990 series tax returns for organizations filing under 501(c)(3) rules.
  • State Income and Excise Tax Returns – Complete services on state, local and school personal income tax returns as required by your situation. Some must file for multiple states.

Special Situations

  • Employee Equity Compensation (RSU, ISO, NSO) – Correctly matching awards reported on W-2's with your brokerage statements can be complex, and may cause you to pay taxes twice if done incorrectly. Incentive Stock Options have their own challenges, and are often subject to Alternative Minimum Tax.
  • Home Sales – The exclusion from gain on the sale of a primary home will apply in most cases. Sale of a rental home will require depreciation recapture which we can calculate.
  • Investment Income – We can help you correctly report dividends, stock and bond trading activity and K1 income.
  • Cryptocurrency – More clients are dipping their toes into crypto trading (Bitcoin, Etherium, etc.) these days. Tax treatment of these currencies has some unusual twists. We'll make sure you are compliant.

Foreign Income

  • Foreign account Reporting - Foreign accounts with balances exceeding $10,000 require FINCEN / FBAR reporting which we are authorized to file electronically.
  • Foreign Income / Expat Taxes – US Citizens are required to report worldwide income. You will want to avoid situations where you pay taxes to both countries. One option is to use the foreign income exclusion rules. We can also work with foreign pension plans, tax treaty issues and more.